Matrix Sorting Offset Bug

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It is impossible to drag contents when the content is larger than the screen size. So this type of content makes it impossible to use on mobile devices. I have added quite a view options to drag and drop. Please test this on mobiles too.

Hi all. Here is a very simple setup to the issue of the offset scrolling when using the this question type. Be great if yo can finally get this to work. Please note I have been around the bend in the Facebook Group and Learndash support. And this has got me nowhere.

The Theme is Astra, Astra Pro, Gutenberg Page builder only, LearnDash Testing on Google Chrome. Please note I have even switched to the default WordPress themes and had the same issue in my testing. I believe there are no issues when using the Buddy boss theme.

We are currently looking into this ourselves, but unfortunately we had to take care of a few things. Then we will get back to this. Once we have it working we will make it public knowledge. But in the meantime it would be great if you could get this sorted once and for all.