Assessing your Strengths

, understanding your strengths will help you in all facets of your job or internship search. Having clarity on your unique capabilities will serve you throughout your career as well as in your relationships both in and out of the work place.

Many of my clients say they do not really know what they are naturally good at. It can be difficult when you are just starting out, because you may think you do not have the on-the-job experience, where many people build their skills. Rest assured , if you look back through your college experiences and reflect on the classes you took and projects you were involved with, you will find valuable experiences that a potential employer will want to hear about. The best place to start is by understanding your strengths and where you have used them. Were you the person on a particular project who naturally led others and gained their buy-in? Or maybe were you the one that had a strong ability to envision the entire scope of a project or assignment while others seemed more inclined to focus on the details?

The reality is, we are not good at everything! Some people accomplish their goals by building relationships, while others rely more on executing plans or problem solving. Knowing where you naturally excel will help you when you craft your resume and cover letters as well as give you the material you need to create the most authentic elevator pitch and interview responses.

I have been using Clifton Strengths Assessment with my clients for a long time and the thing I consistently hear is how accurate it is. Learning your strengths and how to showcase them will help you translate how your academic, internship and work experiences relate to what potential employers are looking for.

So let’s get started , with the next topic: Clifton Strengths Assessment -Overview.