CliftonStrengths – Interpreting your Results

Congratulations on completing the assessment. Understanding what your top five strengths mean to you personally and remembering them as you progress along the course will help you consistently frame your experiences and application materials. By now you should have read through your reports, which were sent to you when you completed the assessment (Signature Theme Report and Strengths Insight Guide). If you have not read through them – please, do so now.

Knowing how each of your strengths can help you in your job search can be really informative. This list from the University of Missouri breaks down how each strength can: 1) identify the types of companies/organizations and roles best suited to you; 2) assist with applying and interviewing; and 3) provide you with things to remember once you land in a new position. Please read over the info in this list and look for each of your five strengths.

Additionally, it is also helpful to jot down your top five strengths on a post-it note and keep it near your computer, so you can easily refer to them. As you progress along the course, you don’t want to have to dig through your computer for your results. Please read through and print out (or save to your desktop) this quick reference PDF which will help you remember how your top five strengths are defined.

As a next step, let’s move on to the next topic where you will learn how your top five strengths are categorized in The Four Domains.