Lesson 2: Lesson with a quiz shortcode

This lesson does not have a quiz associated to the lesson. But rather we are inserting a quiz shortcode to the lesson, so we can eliminate the extra step that was demonstrated in the previous lesson. Notice that there is no extra link at the bottom of the page. But rather a button that tells the user they can start their quiz.

But here lies the problem when using a quiz shortcode. You cannot control the ‘Mark Complete’ button. With the awesome H5P for Learndash it is possible to control the ‘Mark Complete’ button on any Lesson or Topic page. That is pretty awesome.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could the same with a Quiz Shortcode.

Two things will happen when you take the quiz below.

  1. If you fail the quiz the ‘click here to continue’ button will not appear after the result’s
  2. If you pass the quiz a ‘click here to continue’ button will appear.

Ideally you want to hide the ‘Mark Complete’ button from the page when using a Quiz Shortcode.

when the user clicks the ‘click here to continue’ button, it should mark the lesson complete and move them to the next lesson. At the moment when the user clicks the ‘click here to continue’ button it takes them to the beginning of the course. And does not mark the lesson complete. The ‘click here to continue is the most important button on this page.

But I am happy to leave the mark complete button as long as it completes the quiz.